Lunar Planetary Club Competing at Collegiate Level in Research Competition

Lunar Planetary Club Competing at Collegiate Level in Research Competition

18 April 2017 | Published in: Upper Darby High School Recent News

Throughout this school year, our national award winning Lunar Planetary Club conducted original research on the relationship between lava channel sinuosity and lava flow in the Olympus Mons region of Mars. They first did background research on lava channels and learned how to use geospatial software; then working as a team, identified hundreds of lava channels, devised a way to use shadows to estimate the depth of the channels, took measurements to determine the sinuosity of the channels, and calculated the velocity of the lava flow that created the channels. They analyzed their data and determined that low velocity is a necessary but not sufficient condition for high sinuosity.  

The students submitted an abstract to the American Geophysical Union (AGU) for a virtual student poster competition for undergraduates and the abstract was accepted. They wrote up their research in poster form (click here to view), submitted the poster and a video explanation to the competition, and just found out today that they made it through the peer judging round and will now be judged by professional scientists. The winning student group will present at an AGU conference in New Orleans in December. Good luck to our UDHS students as they are competing against college students!


Row One: Vince Tran, Thomas Nguyen, Sumaya Islam, Yen Nguyen, Doreen Sampeur

Row Two: Galen Farmer, Gutama Biru, Sarah DeMott, Isabel Hunt

Row Three: Gurleen Singh, Michael Burns, Zachary Thornton, Chris DeMott



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