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Attendance/Absence of Pupils

The Upper Darby High School follows the Upper Darby School District Policy 204 for Attendance. A child absent from school must present upon his or her return a written excuse, on an UDHS green note, stating the reason for the absence. When children return to school following an absence, their parent or guardian of record must sign their written excuse. Student absences will be deemed as “unexcused” unless the green written note has been received. Written excusals must be submitted within two (2) school days upon return to school. Failure to provide a written excusal within two days will result in a truancy for the absences.

A maximum of ten (10) days of cumulative lawful absences verified by parental notification shall be permitted during a school year. Excusal beyond ten (10) cumulative lawful absences shall require submission by the parent/guardian of the Upper Darby School District Explanation of Absence form or shall require an excuse from a licensed physician.

It is the policy of the Upper Darby School District to excuse pupils from school if their religious affiliation requires them to observe a holiday. Legal excusal will be granted on written request from the parent or guardian of the pupil involved. Parents are asked to submit such requests prior to the day they would like their child excused.

The attendance policy in its entirety can be accessed from the District's website.

All students who have been absent (excused or unexcused)must report to their center before homeroom in order to receive an attendance note.

All students who are late to school must report to their center before going to homeroom or any class period. Every fifth unexcused late will result in a Saturday detention and five demerits. Lateness is only excused with a physician’s note, or by the Assistant Principal.

Early excusal/dismissal from school will be granted when:

1.  A student may be dismissed before the close of the school day only for urgent reasons, such as medical and dental treatments, or other reasons for the welfare of the student. However, the principal or designee has the  discretion to determine which are special and justifiable requests and has the authority to act accordingly.

2.  For early/emergency dismissals, the center must receive a parent/guardian phone call and a note. Please call the following numbers:


  • Freshman Center ~~~~~~~~~~ext. 2382
  • Sophomore Center ~~~~~~~~~ext. 2331
  • Junior Center ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ext. 2321
  • Senior Center ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ext. 2350

3.  Students must sign out in their centers.   

NOTE: Parents may be required to pick up students from school for early dismissal

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