Upper Darby High School Club / Honor Society List 2016 ­- 2017

Club Name

Meeting Days & Room #


Cost/Responsibility to Student

Club Advisor

The Acorn

Wednesdays from 3:00 - 3:30 in the Media Center To produce a professional, informative, and interesting newspaper for the students of UDHS. Interest, reliability, and dedication.

We are always looking for writers, photographers, and cartoonists. New members always welcome.
Jamie Wismer

African Culture Club

Wednesdays in Room 323 An opportunity for African students and their friends to discuss issues affecting Africa. Create opportunities to educate others so they will have a better understanding about the issues affecting Africa. None

Laura Schramm

Joanne Christopher

Anti-Bully Student Committee

Fridays at 7:15am Performing Arts Center The Anti-Bully Student Committee is dedicated to creating a bully free environment. We plan activities to support our No Place for Hate initiative. A  desire to make a difference. Jill  Morris

Art Club

Wednesdays from 3:00 - 4:00 in Room 177 Students will engage in drawing, sketching, and making crafts. We will creat art to fundraise for our annual Arts Festival!  Art Club students volunteer to work at our annual Arts Festival which celebrates the arts in Upper Darby. Weekly participation

Ellen Flocco

Ron Plummer

Book Club

Once a month on Wednesdays
Room 24
Students will choose a book to read from a list by majority vote. At the following meeting a month later, students will discuss the book they read and choose the next book.

Students are encouraged to bring any suggestions for books they are interested in reading. This club will provide students with an opportunity to be exposed to various modern genres of literature.
None (unless you purchase your books) Jackie Casertano

Badminton Club

Tuesdays in the Courtyard (weather permitting) For students interested in badminton. Participants will be divided in teams. None Christopher Barnes


Meetings held bi-weekly in room 213 (and more frequently leading up to important events) Students are trained as theatre critics and organized into teams. They attend other schools’ plays and musicals and write reviews of these performances. Reviews are curated by adult mentors that select the most accurate and well-written reviews, which are then forwarded to local newspapers for publication. At the end of the year, critics serve as award judges and vote for Capper nominations and awards. There is an application process. Students are responsible for getting to and from performances. Jacob Innis and Samantha Smith

Chinese Club

The first Thursday of every month after school in room 159 At club meetings we learn about Chinese culture and language through presentations, crafts, cooking demonstrations, games and discussions. Previous activities we have had include making dumplings, Chinese decorative knotting, presentations about holidays, discussions about Chinese language, and a trip to Chinatown. Students from the club decide which topics to include. All are invited to join. Lihong Ni

Cinema and Literature Club

Thursdays in
Room 106
Meets to discuss, compare and contrast cinema and literature. Students will read and watch on their own time. We will only meet to discuss and analyze work

John Ferrise

Jared Moskovitz

Cricket Club

Thursdays in room 226. Most games will be played at Naylor’s Run Park Teams are created and compete against one another. There will be periodic championship matches. $5.00 and a commitment to weekly participation.

Bill Nicholson

Imran Majeed


Every other week unless otherwise noted.
Room 202.

Check morning announcements and UD Update. Club information can also be found at the school store.

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

Students will explore business careers through attendance at workshops and seminars. Members participate in competency based competitive events at local, state and national levels. Skills are mastered in the marketing classes enabling a student to compete. Students travel to exciting destinations that host the competitive events.

A business elective is helpful but not essential.  There are Internation and State dues of $30.

Dorothy Haring

Nick Meehan

Drama/Theatre Society

One general meeting a month in room 213

One theatre workshop a month- TBA

Check bulletin board outside of room 213 for more information

For students who enjoy theater, like to sing, dance, act (sometimes all at once), or paint build and create things. NONE Hannah Wisniewski

Educators Rising

Every other Wednesday in the library mezzanine beginning 10-19-16 Educator’s Rising’s mission is to recruit and provide experiences and skills for students who are exploring teaching as a future career and to develop essential skills that will lead to highly trained and qualified teachers. NONE

Ginni Stach

Steven Bell

Evangelical Soul Rescue Mission (ESORM)

Every other Thursday Rm. 336 or Rm. 306 The ultimate goal of ESORM is to eradicate illiteracy and poverty in Liberia. The larger organization has already assisted in developing and building a school in Liberia in 2012. No Cost.
Interested, dedicated, reliable, and willing to work collaboratively.

Fall Play

Auditions: September 8,9, & 10th
Performances - Oct. 28th and 29th
The Crucible -Audition sides will be available the first week of school at the PAC (by the box office) and outside room 257. Performers are encouraged to come in prepared and very familiar, if not memorized, with the sides that are provided. We will be looking for confident performers who are good at memorizing many lines. Cast and Crew Members will be asked to encourage ticket sales Harry Dietzler
Kevin Dietzler
Abby Shunkis Dietzler
Hannah Wisniewski

Fishing Club

TBA, Rm 128

Date for Interest Meeting will be posted soon

Meetings on Saturdays at Hoffman Park in Clifton Heights to learn fishing skills. May travel to other townships for tournaments. No Cost. Lures will be provided. This is open to new and experienced anglers. Frank Wills

French Club Le Cercle Français

Third Monday of each month in Room 154 Le Cercle Français (French Club) is a student-driven club whose goal is to promote the French language and francophone cultures through service projects, guest speakers, and fun activities, such as field trips, performances, cooking, and films. There may be a cost for field trips. Antigone Gabriel

Future Business Leaders Of America (FBLA)

Once a month for 30 minutes.
Room 204
Students aim to become responsible business leaders through workshops, competitions, conferences and community service. $15 membership fee Tom Mahoney

Gaming Club

Wednesdays in Cafeteria 2:41 to 4:30pm

A  place for students who enjoy gaming of all types – card, video and others.

Students may bring hand-held video games, trading card games, and board games.

NONE Jared Moskovitz

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

Every Tuesday from 3:00-4:00
Rm. 182
Safe, supportive environment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual , Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex youth and their Allies (LGBTQIA)   NONE Kimberly Pleasants 

Handcrafting Club

Members are required to meet at least twice a month. Tuesdays are preferred, but not mandatory. Meetings last 30- 45 minutes.
2:45 pm
Room 309
Showing students and staff how to knit, crochet, and do other handcrafts as desired by members. Goal is to create at least one garment for babies or service members who have lost limbs during the school year, create other articles that students would like to create. Desire to learn how to create handcrafts and meet a minimum of twice a month to work on or learn new patterns or new handcrafts.

$4 for one set of knitting needles and yarn for first craft. Additional costs depend on what student wants to learn, for example: purchase of a crochet hook to learn to crochet.
Jonna Eiser

Hispanic Culture Club

Meets once a month after school in room 153 The club will explore different aspects of Hispanic culture such as holidays, food, dance, and art. The club is for all levels of Spanish speakers and all students past and present. The cost will be no more than $5 throughout the year for supplies. Nicole Gargiulo

Guitar Club

Tuesdays from 3:00-4:00pm
Rm 154
Introduction to the basics of guitar player to beginners and to further advance the musicianship and abilities of intermediate guitarists.
Also, possible school performances in the Winter or Spring.
Bring your own guitar Gabriel Esposito


Mondays after school from Sept.-Feb.
Room 212
HI-Q is an academic competition for schools in Delaware County featuring various topics and a total of 8- 10 players. NONE Joe Rigg

Interact Club

Thursdays at 2:50pm

Room 222
To provide community service to the school community and the district community. To provide service to those less fortunate and to generally make things better. NONE Andria Bianchi

Korean Pop Culture Club

Mondays (excepts the first Monday of each month) in room 210 To promote an opportunity to talk about Korean culture, music, and drama.  We will also do activities and talk about other Asian cultures. NONE

Angelina Tran

Peggy Oleynick

Mock Trial Club

Tuesdays and Thursdays in Library Mezzanine  

Beginning 11/22/16

The Pennsylvania State Mock Trial Competition gives more than 290 high school student teams from across the state the opportunity to act as lawyers and witnesses in simulated civil trials before actual judges and panels of juries. Each year, the winning team goes on to represent Pennsylvania in the national competition.

Regional competitions take place in January or February at the Delaware County Court House in Media.
Students need to prepare and practice independently outside of the club meetings.  Meetings will increase to twice a week as the competitions approach. Students are responsible for round trip trolley fare to Media.

Jessica Baton

Jared Moskovitz

Beth Stefanide – Attorney Advisor

Musical (Spring)


Performances: March 3,4,10,11,13

Spring 2016 Musical:  Cast and Crew Members will be asked to encourage ticket sales

Harry Dietzler

Kevin Dietzler

Abby Shunkis Dietzler

Hannah Wisniewski

National Art Honor Society

One to two meetings per month. Meetings are weekly prior to Art Festival. The goal of National Art Honor Society is to be of service to the school and larger community through art and creativity. Students are nominated twice a year by their art teachers for excellence in art projects and attendance. They must be willing to volunteer considerable time in the Art Department in preparation for the Arts Festival.

Cost to students: $5.00 for National Membership dues.
Katherine Shields Alexandra Kopanaiko

National English Honor Society

Second Tuesday of every month in Room 106 The National English Honor Society (NEHS) is the only national organization that is exclusively dedicated to acknowledging high school students' accomplishments in the field of English. In order to be fully eligible for membership in NEHS you must meet the following requirements:
1. 87.0% overall GPA
2. 92.0% GPA in all English classes
3. Currently be enrolled in Accelerated, Honors or AP English classes
4. Completed two semesters of English at UDHS; Transfer students may apply for an exception to this rule if they are in the Junior or Senior year.

$10 one time membership fee; $15 during senior year for graduation pin and cord - costs may be covered by fundraising.
Kelsey Bierling

National Honor Society

Monthly, Room 208 The purpose of this chapter of NHS is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to promote worthy leadership, to encourage the development of character in the students of Upper Darby High School, and to reward achievement in these areas. Membership is by invitation only based on the following requirements:
A  cumulative GPA of 90% at the end of sophomore year, a clean discipline record, and six activities with no more than 3 in any one of the following four categories - music/performing arts, athletics, clubs, and community service.
Cost to students: Mandatory and complete participation in the yearly fundraiser.
Jennifer Kottan

National Spanish Honor Society (El Roble)

Meetings are 1x per month or at least 1x per semester The National Spanish Honor Society is to be of service to the school and community, especially in Hispanic culture and awareness
In order to be eligible, students must have an 87% overall GPA, 90% in all Spanish courses, and service to the department within the school.
Fee is $25.00 upon induction (for induction fee and graduation regalia) Laura Brown

The Oak (Yearbook club)

Monday - Thursday 2:45 - 4:30 in the Yearbook Office, Room 253A The Oak is Upper Darby High School's Yearbook. Students create and publish the yearbook. There are opportunities to be photographers, page designers, writers, and picture editors. Student helpers run errands, identify students in pictures, interview students and teachers, and take pictures at different events and classrooms throughout the school. Cooperative, creative, respectful, energetic, willingness to help out and be part of the team.
Commit to at least one day per week (Wednesday or Thursday)
Nicholas Keough

Operation Smile

Wednesdays at 3:00pm. Room 215 Our foundation of Student Programs is Leadership, Education, Service and Awareness. We raise awareness and funds for Operation Smile. NONE Christopher Nielsen

Reading Olympics Club

Rm 107, Meeting day TBD Interested students must apply to Mrs. Bierling or Mr. Keough. Members will be expected to read 6-8 novels outside of school and answer trivia questions about the books.
The goal is to compete in the DCIU Reading Olympics in April.
NONE Kelsey Bierling
Nicholas Keough

Royal Crest

Meetings scheduled Wednesdays or Thursdays from 2:50- 3:30pm on a bi-weekly basis in Rm112 Literary Magazine NONE Patti Pinto

Royal Fitness

Meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00-3:30 in room 117 Will run 2-3 times a week and will follow the T-25 workout plan Wear comfortable clothes. Open to staff and students. Julia Endrizzi

Royal Revolution

Meetings on Thursdays, Time and location TBA Royal Revolution is a student leadership committee, which works to promote school pride and a positive school culture at UDHS.
To receive meeting reminders, text @Zdaga to 81010. Then you will be referred to join Mrs. Palladino’s Schoology page using the access code KHT85-SSZ3T
NONE Christa Palladino

Royal Rollers Bowling Club

TBD This is an intramural club. Teams are created and students compete against each other within the club. There is a championship near the end of our term. $5.00 per week Ruth Kolva Tim Else

Shakespeare Club

Meetings will be held in Library Mezzanine starting late fall/early winter. Students read, analyze, perform and recite Shakespearean monologues. Students then compete in the UDHS Shakespeare Competition. The winner proceeds to the English Speaking Union Philadelphia Shakespeare Competition in February. Students need to practice their monologue independently outside of club meetings.  The winning student attending the Philadelphia Shakespeare Competition will need to arrange his/her own transportation. Jessica Baton
Kelsey Bierling

Stage Crew

Meetings occur every day after school. If there is a show/event, this could include Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings as well. Location: In the PAC/Backstage in the PAC scene shop
Stage crew takes care of all production aspects of the theater and Upper Darby Performing Arts Center both backstage and front of house which includes: lights, sound, stage crew (running of show backstage), building scenery for the Fall Play and Spring Musical, hanging lights, dealing with mics, painting, building props, focusing of lights, setting up and taking down all things that happen on the PAC stage, production support of all of the events in the PAC, and production support for the artists that come in to perform at the PAC.
Sometimes it can be long hours. We tend to do events/shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday through the course of the PAC season. Andrew Thompson
Technical Director

Stand Up to Cancer

Once a month in Room 106 Discuss strategies for fundraising and supporting families affected by cancer. NONE John Ferrise


Thursdays from 3:00-4:30 in Rm 161

 *contact Veronica Hudson

This club is a place for students who feel like they are aware and/or would like to become more socially diverse. ~There will be discussion and sharing of social issues related to race and ethnicity that may be considered taboo, and hopefully generate possible solutions. NONE

Lisa Wilson-Robinson

Laura Brown

Melanie Hudson

Step Team

Tuesdays and Wednesdays outside of room 104 Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for Schoology group access code Matching shirts for team are required Kathryn Corona

Teens for Christ

Wednesdays at 3:00 in the Cafeteria Classroom
beginning 10-5-16
To share our love and concerns with one another in Christ’s name. All are welcome. NONE Ramona Costello

UD Arts and Education Service Club

Meeting Tuesdays at 2:50 in Room 251

*contact Merlin Kochunilathil

Students will volunteer to help raise money for the Upper Darby Arts and Education Foundation. In addition, students can also volunteer at any community service function.
Service locations will be given out a week before so that students can sign up and plan ahead of time.

Gabrielle Bucak

Kathleen McIntyre

Upper Darby Public Relations League

Tuesdays after school in room 114 Student run public relations team will make connections with the community either through media, community service, etc. to help further solidify the relationship between UDHS and the surrounding community. They would also like to show more of the good from UDHS instead of the usual media coverage. None Sean Cunningham

Upper Darby Ultimate Frisbee Club Team

Practices are weekly,
3-­‐5pm, Naylor’s Run Field
The Upper Darby Frisbee Club Team is a competitive team that will practice regularly and compete against other high schools in the area. The sport involves a high level of activity. No experience is necessary. Males and Females are welcome. Possibly a $25 fee which would go towards dues for PHUEL (Philadelphia High school Ultimate Education League) TBD

Upper Darby Robotics and Engineering Team - Royal Assault

Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7pm - 9pm, and Saturdays 9am - 4pm.
Room T-74

*not accepting new members for 2015-16

The Royal Assault is a year round team that participates in FIRST events as well as community service projects and educational opportunities.   They annually host the Philadelphia Alliance Remote Kickoff, the Philadelphia Alliance FIRST LEGO league Official Tournament, FIRST Night at the Phillies, car washes, and our team banquet.
Students work directly with engineering professionals.
Interest in engineering fields or general interest to learn about engineering and the design process. Other interests include web design or animation techniques, business plans and graphics. We are always looking for students who are interested in learning to machine parts.
Cost to students: Cost of t- shirts and travel expenses (varies).
Benjamin Mannix

Upper Darby High School Paddling Club

Twice weekly during the late fall and winter months.
UDHS Weight Room

The purpose of the club is to introduce students to the many facets of canoe racing. We teach fitness for paddling during the winter months in the weight room, familiarize students with the Concept II rowing machines and put them in contact with the local teams in order for them to get out on the water and paddle in the spring. Most students train with our club and then move on to local paddling clubs. Positive attitude, open mindedness to fitness, interest in paddle sports. The ability to swim is necessary.
*This is not a crew/rowing team.
Judy Jeanes

Upper Darby's Creative Writing Club, Writer's Ink

Every Thursday as announced 2:45- 4:00pm Room 106 A gathering to share original poetry and prose; writing will be written and read. A creative spirit, and a love of writing. John Ferrise

World Affairs Club

Meetings bi- weekly on Wednesdays in Library Mezzanine

Beginning 9-21-16

The World Affairs Council is similar to a model UN. Twice a year, students will attend a Student Summit at Temple University. For each summit, we will be assigned a topic and an economic bloc (developed, developing, or least developed countries), which students will be responsible for researching and creating a brief presentation on. At the each Summit, students will work with students from nearby high schools to develop a more comprehensive presentation to present to fellow schools, teachers, and a panel of experts. Students should show a strong interest in global affairs as well as a willingness to keep up with current events and conduct research. Students must research their assigned topic and country independently outside of the club meetings.
Student summits take place once in the fall and once in the spring at Temple University. Each student must pay a $25 fee to participate.
Jessica Baton

The Yoga Club

Tuesdays from 3-4pm
Rm 259

Beginning 10/18/16

The Yoga Club's purpose is to provide a place where students and staff can practice yoga and enjoy the benefits of exercise and relaxation techniques. No cost.
Must wear comfortable clothes (sweat pants or yoga pants).
Yoga mats are available, or bring your own.
Mary Anne Duthie

Youth Citizen’s Police Academy (YCPA)

Wednesdays at 2:50pm (2hrs) in Rm 106
The YCPA will work to improve responsible citizenship within the community while creating positive lines of communication and trust between youth and police officers. The academy is designed to encourage young people to act in a positive manner and to educate them about the challenges and responsibilities of police work. Application with essay and interview are required.
Application will not be available until after the start of second semester.
Courtney Wagner
John Ferrise

Youth Physical Fitness Club

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 3:00. Locations include Gym D, Aux Gym, and Weight Room. Sponsored by Retired Marine Corps Link in Washington, DC, students participate in exercises based on Marine Corps. Meets are held on Saturdays and will travel to Allentown, PA, Long Island, NY, and Bronx, NY. Meets will test any or all of the following skills: sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, standing broad jump, 300 yard run, jump rope, and tug of war. In May 2016, a group of 14 students will travel to San Diego for national competition. Students will need spending money for meets. There is a cost for the trip to San Diego, but fundraising efforts defer some of the costs. Duke Snyder
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